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CPD points for students in FMHS
by Admin User - Thursday, 4 December 2014, 10:38 AM

Announcement to Medical-Nursing Students

CPD points for students in FMHS

On 3rd November , management of FMHS has agreed that CPD points to the students who are  members of Da’Vinci Club as details below:

  1. Chairman    >>>>> 5 points
  2. Exco.                          3 points
  3. Sub-committee           2 points
  4. Ordinary members      1 point.

AP Dr Maher Sefein 012 8675495

Committee members will be elected next week (8th November t0 11th November 2014_

da’Vinci Club welcomes students with passion for creative thinking and innovation


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Mode Blended Apporach.
by Admin User - Thursday, 20 November 2014, 02:19 PM

Congratulation to module that already achieve Mode Blended Status.. But most of our module are near to achieve it.. Go go.. it just some of it are less activities etc...

Admin E-Medlearn FMSH

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by Admin User - Thursday, 6 November 2014, 05:45 PM

Kepada Semua Pelajar Self Enrollment Pupuk Telah Dibuka......



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Groups for Second Intake ,Medical Student,Year One Session 2014-2015
by Dr Khin Swe Oo - Friday, 10 October 2014, 08:52 AM

Dear Second Intake Medical Students Year One ,session 2014-2015,

Kindly follow the grouping in the teaching learning sessions.(Seminar,CSL,PBL,Practiccals, SGD.)



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