About the Electives Programme

Dear Student(s),

Thank you for your interest in an elective programme with Universiti Malaysia Sabah – Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. We are happy to continue escalating our elective opportunities for our increasing number of students from various country.

The Elective Posting Program is opened for overseas and Malaysian students of clinical years and graduates from any medical schools.

On the off chance that you join our elective program, you won’t just acquire the scholarly primer yet additionally witness the wonderful land below the wind, Sabah. Sabah is a picturesque state of Malaysia and it is best known for its natural tropical beauty. The flora and fauna of this beautiful state is no different to that of a tropical paradise. The beaches are perfect to relax after a long day of studying. Sabah is the one place that is completely full with surprises.

Our elective additionally tailor for those students inspired by tropical and or community medicine. This program is organized to oblige medical students who wish to expand their knowledge on certain tropical diseases that are predominant in Sabah.

English is the medium of instruction and the language used for patient care in the relevant hospitals. Upon the completion of each posting, your supervisor would have provided an evaluation of your performance using the posting assessment form provided by Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences and by your own university (if any).

You are encouraged to read the details before applying to the Electives Program. Failure to comply with application procedures may result in not being scheduled and incomplete applications will not be processed.

Information on the eligibility, posting opportunities, application requirements and other key matters, can be found on this website.

Please feel free to contact us via email at umsmedelective@gmail.com, if you have any further queries.

Yours Sincerely

Prof Dr Mohammad Saffree Bin Jeffree
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
Universiti Malaysia Sabah