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  • Abstract Submission Dateline: 30 AprilĀ  2019
  • Notification of Acceptance: 12 July 2019
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2nd Borneo Quality of Life Conference

INTRODUCTION Quality of life and well-being are increasingly prioritized by governments, corporations and organizations and are essential components of development. This conference is a platform for dialogue for people who are interested in improving quality of life in the region and this years conference will focus on improving human rights. Sabah has been chosen to host the International Society for Quality of Life Studies Conference in 2022 and this annual conference will help to create a community of scholars, individuals and groups who are working on improving quality of life in region.

Occupation and Economics

Quality of life is undeniably influenced by economics, career choice and the employment relationship. The nature of the job and the organisation dictates how individuals react, manage and sustain the work portion of their lives. How can employers learn to enhance the QoL for their human capital? This track focus on studies which link QoL to the following: stress at work, organisational commitment, job satisfaction, work-life balance, job performance, turnover intention, debt, financial security, flexible work schedules, role of technology, health and safety and career choice. This track welcomes other meaningful studies which provide insights into the relationship between QoL and economics, work and occupation.

Marginalised and Vulnerable Groups

Marginalisation or social exclusion deprives people playing a meaningful role in society and reduces quality of life for all. This tract will consider how to improve social inclusion of all groups. Papers related to quality of life of marginalised groups are included, e.g. prisoners, stateless and undocumented people, LGBT people and people with stigmatised conditions and illnesses.


Health is not only being free from illness but nutrition, physical fitness and sports also play a significant role in overall health and wellbeing. Quality of life is linked closely to health status and interpretations or perceptions of health. The track concerning Health include: illness and recovery; impact of illness on family and friends; treatment approaches; definitions of health, illness and recovery from illness; alternative approaches to health care and wellbeing; the impact of health on quality of life for self and others; chronic and terminal illness; socio-economic impacts and access to health care; health in childhood, youth and adulthood; health and quality of life in aging; indigenous health; rural and remote health; and other themes relating to health and quality of life.

Mental Health

Mental health is defined by the WHO as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to contribute to her or his community. This tract will cover themes such as mental health; mental disorders; psychological stress; mental health services and access to care; stigma, discrimination and social exclusion; impact on children and families; and traditional and religious approaches to mental health.

Culture, Society and Environment

This track concerning Culture, Society and Environment include ethnographic studies of indigenous peoples, traditional knowledge, ethnobotany and traditional medical practices, climate change, conservation, land and water rights, customary law and the native court system, traditional worldviews and belief systems, music and dance, ritual practices and sacred spaces, languages, literature and the role of heritage, language and literacy in poverty eradication, sociocultural studies of fertility and well-being, social impact assessments, migration, security, disease and population studies, sociocultural change and continuity and other related themes concerning Quality of Life.

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"2nd Borneo Quality of Life Conference"


" Quality Rights for Quality of Life: Past, Present and Future"

2nd Borneo Quality of Life Conference

INTRODUCTION Quality of life and well-being are increasingly prioritized by governments, corporations and organizations and are essential comp